When you're working with the collection tag and want to use paginationopen in new window, just add the pagination partial using partial:components/pagination to automagically add pagination buttons. They're easily editable in resources/views/components/_pagination.antlers.html.

The pagination partial automatically adds linktags to your documents head with rel="next" and rel="prev".

You can style the pagination view by feeding the partial tag with classes via the following parameters:

  • class: Classes for the wrapper element.
  • active_classes: Classes for links that are active.
  • inactive_classes: Classes for links that are inactive.
  • location_classes: Classes for the text between links like: 3 of 5.

Note: the strings used in the partial are translatable and can be edited in resources/lang/en/site.php.

The view that is being used to render your pagination is part of the Tools Addon. If you want to make changes to the views from this addon, you can publish them by running:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag="statamic-peak-tools-views"