Browser appearance

Peak adds a Browser appearance global where you can set multiple browser specific properties and generate favicons. The logic is contained within the Browser Appearance Addon.

Run the following commands to publish fieldsets and views if you want to make any changes to your site.

php artisan vendor:publish --tag="statamic-peak-browser-appearance-fieldsets"
php artisan vendor:publish --tag="statamic-peak-browser-appearance-views"

And edit the files you want to make changes to in resources/views/vendor/statamic-peak-browser-appearance/ or resources/fieldsets/vendor/statamic-peak-browser-appearance/. You can trash all the files you won't make changes to and have them automatically updated in the future.

General settings

You can set the following properties/meta-tags:

  • Disable telephone detection.
  • Disable e-mail detection.
  • Disable address detection.
  • Use theme color property (regular and for optional dark mode).
  • Run as Apple mobile web app (and change status bar color).
  • Run as Android mobile web app.


By uploading a single favicon SVG to the favicons asset container you can generate favicons for modern browsers on the fly. The favicon partial will spit out the following favicons:

  • The SVG you uploaded as a rel="icon".
  • The SVG you uploaded with a custom color attribute as a rel="mask-icon".
  • A PNG with a custom colored background as a rel="apple-touch-icon.
  • A site.webmanifest route with a manifest file containing a android-chrome-512x512.png.
  • A meta with name="theme-color" with a custom color.

Note: To use the favicon feature you need to have the PHP Imagick module installed. Forge users: newer servers ship with this automatically. Ploi users: you can optionally install this with a click in the Ploi interface.