Installation via the CLI

The easiest way to install Statamic together with Peak is to use the official CLIopen in new window. Install the CLI by running composer global require statamic/cli and for each project just run statamic new my-site studio1902/statamic-peak.

Make sure you use the provided .env.example file by running cp .env.example .env && php artisan key:generate.

Install into an existing Statamic v3.2+ project

If you already have an existing, clean, Statamic installation you can run the following command: php please starter-kit:install studio1902/statamic-peak.

Make sure you update your .env file according to the the .env.example. Peak moves some Statamic configuration options to environment variables.

Compile the frontend assets

The starter kit comes bundles with compiled assets. Run npm i && npm run dev to compile your frontend assets. Use npm run watch to watch and compile whenever you made any changes.

Since we use the Tailwind CSS JIT compiler, as soon as you make changes you need to compile them yourself. Compilation is configured in webpack.mix.js. Make sure you add your hostname to your .env file (APP_URL) as it's being used for Browsersync in webpack.mix.js.

npm i && npm run watch (or npm run dev)

To compile for production run this (on your server). Since Peak uses the Tailwind CSS JIT compiler this won't purge anything, but it will minify your assets:

npm run production