Tailwind CSS configuration

Peak comes with a tailwind.config.js which dictates how Tailwind CSS should be compiled. This file imports multiple Tailwind CSS config files each responsible for various parts of your website. Next to the default config, it uses the following configuration files:

  1. tailwind.config.typography.js: the Tailwind CSS typography configuration for customizing the prose class.
  2. tailwind.config.peak.js: all Peak's configuration, utilities and components.
  3. tailwind.config.site.js: your site's configuration. This file would typically include all custom styles and config for the project you're currently working on.

All configuration files are fully documented. Read the Tailwind CSS docs on theme configurationopen in new window for more information.

Peak uses the Tailwind CSS JIT compiler for fast compilation and no differences between your development and production CSS.

Read up on the Tailwind CSS Formsopen in new window and Tailwind CSS Typographyopen in new window plugins. They're easy to customize and the config file for typography already includes some basic customization so your theme colors are automatically applied. The plugins are easy to remove if you don't want to use them.

Note: if you don't want to define your custom CSS in Tailwind CSS JS config files you can add it to resources/css/custom.css. Make sure to read up on the use of @layeropen in new window to instruct what styles Tailwind CSS should keep or purge. Use whatever method you prefer.