Missing Alt Widget

The Peak Tools addon contains a widget to display images in asset containers that miss alt text. This helps your clients awareness on the importance of a11y. By default this widget will be added to your dashboard. If you want to add widgets for other asset containers, add the following to the widgets array in config/statamic/cp.php:

    'type' => 'images_missing_alt',
    'container' => 'assets', // The handle of your asset container.
    'limit' => 5, // The maximum amount of images without alt text you want displayed at once.
    'width' => 50 // The width of your widget.

The Blade view that is used to render this widget on your dashboard is part of the Tools Addon. If you want to make changes to the views from this addon, you can publish them by running:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag="statamic-peak-tools-views"


When your site has a lot of assets, fetching all assets can have a negative impact on the performance of your dashboard. Therefore the assets only get fetched once and will be cached indefinitely. As soon as an asset gets deleted, edited or uploaded, a job will be dispatched to refetch the cache. This job will be queued when using a queue driver like Redis. This is recommended on production.

Thanks to Novuopen in new window for the caching strategy.