Configuration changes

Peak changes the default Statamic config. The following is different:

.env.exampleAdd more default Statamic and Redis settings by default.
app/Console/Kernel.phpAdd a schedule you can invoke via a cron to warm all caches.
app/Console/Commands/AddBlock.phpA command to generate all files needed to add a block to the page builder.
app/Console/Commands/AddCollection.phpA command to generate all files needed to add a collection.
app/Console/Commands/AddPartial.phpA command to generate all files needed to add a partial.
app/Console/Commands/AddSet.phpA command to generate all files needed to add a set to the page builder article.
app/Console/Commands/ClearSite.phpA command to clear all default Peak content.
app/Console/Commands/InstallBlock.phpA command to install premade blocks.
app/Console/Commands/stubs/Stub files for the various Peak commands.
app/Actions/GenerateSocialImages.phpAn action to generate social images for entries.
app/Http/Controllers/DynamicToken.phpNew Controller for forms
app/Jobs/GenerateSocialImagesJob.phpThe acutal job to generate social images for entries.
app/listeners/GenerateFavicons.phpListen to a GlobalSavedEvent to generate favicons.
app/providers/AppServiceProvider.phpEnables the use of a section field in the form builder.
app/providers/AppServiceProvider.phpAdds 404 page entry data to the 404 template when an error hits.
app/providers/EventServiceProvider.phpListen to a GlobalSavedEvent to generate favicons.
app/Widgets/ImagesMissingAlt.phpNew widget to display assets with missing alt texts.
content/assets/favicons.yamlAn asset container where the automated favicon feature stores it's favicons in.
config/filesystems.phpFilesystems for the Favicon and Social Images assets.
config/ignition.php'editor' => env('IGNITION_EDITOR', 'phpstorm')'editor' => env('IGNITION_EDITOR', 'vscode')
config/ignition.php'theme' => env('IGNITION_THEME', 'light')'theme' => env('IGNITION_THEME', 'auto')
config/statamic/antlers.phpversion' => 'regex''version' => 'runtime'
config/statamic/assets.phpdriver' => 'gd''driver' => env('IMAGE_MANIPULATION_DRIVER', 'gd')
config/statamic/assets.php'cache' => false'cache' => env('SAVE_CACHED_IMAGES', true),
config/statamic/cp.phpA getting started widgetAdd alt text and page collection widgets.
config/statamic/cp.php'link_to_docs' => true'link_to_docs' => false
config/statamic/editions.php'pro' -> false'pro' -> true
config/statamic/git.phpAdd [BOT] to git commit message.
config/statamic/git.phpAdd favicons and social_images paths to Git tracking.
config/statamic/live_preview.phpThree breakpointsAll tailwinds breakpoints defined in tailwind.config.js
config/statamic/search.phptitle in search indextitle, and page_builder in search index
config/statamic/stache.php'watcher' => true'watcher' => env('STATAMIC_STACHE_WATCHER', true)
config/statamic/static_caching.php'rules' => [ // ]'rules' => 'all'
config/statamic/static_caching.php'exclude' => [ // ]'exclude' => '/sitemap.xml'
config/statamic/users.php'avatars' => 'initials''avatars' => 'gravatar'
routes/web.phpRoutes for the favicons feature.
routes/web.phpRoutes for the search functionality. Commented by default.
routes/web.phpRoutes for the sitemap and dynamic form token.