Runtime parser

In addition to these required changes for Statamic 3.3, if you want to migrate existing Peak sites to the runtime parser, know you usually only have to do three things:

Update your form field templates


{{ old ?= value="{old}" }}


{{ old ?= 'value="{old}"' }}

The original syntax is simply wrong. It should not have worked in the regex parser but it did due to a bug.

Don't use double curly braces in tags

While in a recent update to the runtime parser double curly braces within tags are allowed, it is not recommended. Don't use double curly braces when when inside a tag. Change it to single curly braces: { }. This should’ve never worked, but it did and even opened up possibilities when using the regex parser so it's widely used.

Disambiguate asset variable

Disambiguate the variable asset in resources/views/snippets/_button_attributes.antlers.html on line 15 by prefixing it with a dollar like this: $asset. The Runtime parser gives the asset tag first priority.